What Really Happens During Rehab

Are you considering participating in a drug treatment program in Nashville but you’re reluctant to take action?

Going to rehab may seem scary. You’re admitting that you have a problem and that you can’t conquer it without help.

Don't be afraid of rehab

But you don’t have to be afraid. Thousands of people in the U.S. go through rehab every year.

Some of your fear could result from a lack of knowledge. Maybe you’ve seen movies where people go to rehab or heard about a celebrity going through a drug treatment program but you’re not really sure what to expect.

Get the help you need

Help is here. This is what really happens when you go through rehab.

There’s an Intake Assessment

Once you have made the decision to go through rehab and have selected a reputable facility, they will make an initial assessment and evaluation.

Taking stock of rehab needs

During the assessment, you will have a physical exam and provide information to the staff such as your history with drugs and alcohol, your family background, your medical history, and so on.

The information you provide will then be used to help the facility design a drug rehabilitation program that will best work for you.

You Will Go Through Detox

When you first arrive at the facility, you will go through a period of detoxification. Detox is a vital but difficult step in your recovery.

Getting clean
Okay, so it’s not THAT kind of clean.

As your body rids itself of toxins that have accumulated over time because of substance abuse, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be hard to bear but the staff will do all they can to ease your discomfort.

Education Takes a Primary Role

Once you have successfully completed detoxification, the focus of rehab shifts primarily toward education. The educational programs offered in treatment programs are an essential piece of the healing puzzle.

In these educational programs, you will be taught many things about addiction. For example, you will learn about the causes, patterns of development, and eventual effects of substance abuse. You’ll also learn coping mechanisms that will help you address real-life issues without using drugs or alcohol as an escape.

You Will Participate in Counseling

Counseling is another key component of any effective drug rehabilitation program.

Talking it out

In counseling, you will take what you have learned in the educational programs and apply it to your own life. You will start to answer questions like: “Why did I first begin taking drugs?”, “How did I develop an addiction?”, and “Where might I be in 10 years if I don’t stop?”

There are multiple counseling sessions in a variety of formats. You will have the opportunity to meet individually with a professional addictions counselor. You’ll also get to participate in group discussions which offer additional accountability and support.

You may also be asked to take part in family therapy sessions. Research has shown that involving friends and family members in your treatment program means you’re more likely to succeed in the long term.

Your family members are guaranteed to learn a lot during the process, too. They will be taught all about the causes of addiction, how it affects them, and how best to assist you in your recovery.

Treatment Continues After You Leave the Facility

Once you leave rehab, that doesn’t mean you’re done with the program. Rehab residency typically last for approximately 28 days, but treatment continues even after you leave the facility.

The most effective rehabilitation programs include an aftercare plan. Your aftercare plan is created based on recommendations made by your counselor. This component usually includes regularly attending a 12-step program and weekly appointments with your therapist, among other things

What Next?

Now that you know more about rehab, you probably realize that it’s not so scary after all. It’s basically a period of time set aside for you to concentrate on improving your well-being through detoxification, education, and counseling.

So take the next step – we can help connect you with a reputable drug treatment facility near you.

You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of health and wholeness to gain.